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Frozen Dungeon Saga is "The Co-op Game you can play alone!". It's an asymmetrical puzzle game where you control two soul-bound mages at the same time; each having different, but complementary abilities. The purple mage (controlled by the left side of the controller) has the ability to shoot orbs to activate switches, while the green mage (controlled by the right side of the controller) is able to generate a shield to reflect the purple mage's orbs and nullify dangerous projectiles.

The puzzles require you to use both characters in order to solve them. No one is left behind. You work together or you die together.

This game was made in 48 hours during the 2nd annual Sudbury Game Design Challenge where it placed first. Rather than a traditional game jam where the contestants are given a theme or mechanic, we were given a title for our game and designed around it. You can view more details on SDGC 2017 here on CBC's "Ahead of the Game".

Made in Unity.

Please Note: You'll need an Xbox or PS controller to play this game.

Thank you for playing our game. Any feedback would be appreciated. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates.

Install instructions

Download and run Installer


the_frozen_dungeon_saga_setup_0_1_5.exe (12 MB)

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